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AI World Summit aims to bring together some of the world’s brightest minds, industry experts, academicians, researchers, investors, tech leaders and start-ups on a single shared platform to discuss and discover the impact of world’s emerging technologies – AI, Machine Learning and Robotics – across businesses, industries and governments.
Enterprises face conflicting priorities. Where do they turn to cut through the hype and determine how to prioritize AI technologies for their business? AI World Summit is organized around this singular goal, enabling business leaders to:

Build a competitive advantage
Drive new business models and opportunities
Reduce operational costs
Accelerate innovation efforts


Paris, France.


May 23rd & 24th, 2019

Why Attend?

AI World Summit provides business leaders with a strategic look at the state of the practice in enterprise Artificial Intelligence across multiple industry verticals.

Hear from leading enterprise executives how they are leveraging AI, machine learning, and intelligent technologies across their company.

Understand how AI will impact your customers, partners, and employees?

Learn from enterprise innovators how they are harnessing the power of AI.

Meet technology leaders to learn how to innovative intelligent technologies that can be used by your enterprise today.

Gain Insights on lessons learned in piloting and deploying emerging technologies.

Get an inside view on how leading innovators are successfully automating business operations to drive revenue and reduce costs.

Implementing Enterprise AI: Learn what works and what doesn’t

At ‘AI World Summit’, learn the knack of effectively applying the transformative technology into day-to-day business operations through thought-provoking keynotes, compelling case studies, insightful research papers, proven best practices and inspiring success stories.

The 2-day conference program is dedicated to help your organisation understand where to find the right business application for AI and how to implement them.





Stay on top of the latest happenings in the technology world and take away insights, ideas and tools that can enable your AI journey.



Witness the global tech leaders and experts debate and deliberate the present and future of emerging technologies through keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and more.



Meet and greet over 500+ enterprises, decision makers, technology leaders, start-ups, investors, government officials, regulators, researchers, academicians, and global AI solution providers from across the world.



Catch more than just a glimpse of some of the upcoming, revolutionary products in the field of AI, ML and Robotics from around the globe.

Who will you meet?



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  • Day 1

    May 23rd, 2019

  • Day 2

    May 24th, 2019

  • How is AI making both technological and human progress at the same time? Creating an advantage for Europe in Artificial Intelligence. Why AI should be federalized: Disruption and dealing with impacts of disruption. How to build a new AI perspective: drawing a line between service providers and consumers .

  • Personal Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain. Why build AI on the Blockchain?  How AI enables the creation of more robust and useful digital identities. Harnessing AI on the Blockchain for enterprise and consumer applications.

  • How to get real business impact from Artificial Intelligence?

  • European approach to AI & Robotics: AI at the service of European citizens and economy. How AI is of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development? Will AI nationalism affect the policy and growth? Creating an environment for AI industry to thrive.

  • Intelligent Health: Inspiring the tech AI revolution.


  • When AI and robotic process automation work together. Document centric workflows: eliminating manual intervention. Improving customer experience and satisfaction by simplifying and speeding up customer services.

  • Toward a responsible AI future

  • Delivering real added value for consumers by integrating artificial intelligence into online search and booking platforms. The world is automated with interactive machines: this is the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning. AI provides personalized experience for travellers based on their preferences.

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning: impact on employment and workforce. Enterprises need to understand the significance of robotics and AI at workplace. Impact, adoption, future workplace: AI & automation in human resource department. how AI will evolve workplace, and not replace it.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AL&Ml implementation. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • The best time for enterprises to learn more about different AI & Ml products and solutions.

  • AI gradually evolving into a key driver that shapes day-to-day business processes and business intelligence decision-making. How small to large enterprises are leveraging AI to improve the efficiency of business processes and deliver smarter and more specialized customer experience? AI is impacting all aspects of modern businesses: AI will help power the next phase of decision-making and profitability.

  • How are emerging technologies fueling digital transformation?

  • How using AI powered bots can help sales team make informed decisions and improve top line revenue. How AI powered chat bots are revolutionizing enterprises? Let’s look at how AI can transform various departments in an enterprise.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AI&Ml implementation. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Business match-making introductions.

  • Reviewing the emerging role of AI in the financial sector. How AI-powered risk management has enabled advanced fraud prevention and more accurate customer assessment? The key is to understand how AI as a tool could improve clients financial health.

  • The age of AI innovation

  • AI powering digital transformation: Is your organization ready for AI & digital transformation? why should an enterprise embrace artificial intelligence challenges faced by enterprises using new deep learning and ml technologies.

  • Expect the unexpected-we have surprises for everybody

  • Driving digital transformation through AI & deep learning. How to identify the fundamental building blocks needed to build a digital organization using AI, Ml in terms of people, skills and tech? Reviewing digital transformation from both industrial and business information perspectives.

  • AI at work: from programming to learning.

  • The role of AI in the workplace. Discussing the role of AI in the present and future workplace for tasks such as recruitment, talent development and HR operations What will be the impact of an AI based workforce be on the future of human workforce? Examples of using chat bots and other AI technologies within the modern workplace to improve processes from across enterprise.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AI&Ml implementation. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Power Networking Session + Business Match-Making Introductions

  • How to start or continue your enterprise AI journey? Where to start and which issues should be solved first and how to do it in a way that is responsive to future change. AI is growing at an exponential rate: it’s important to create a mechanism to drive change strategically and methodically. The key is to leverage your data successfully.

  • Enhancing Machine Learning for Enterprise conversational AI

  • The future of AI for customer experience. Explore how AI is being used to accelerate customer-centric experience design. Practical applications to leverage AI. How big data and contextual computing is influencing the consumer A look at next generation consumer analytics. Using computer vision and natural language processing to enhance customer experience.

  • AI implementation at enterprises. Real use case studies of brands using AI to drive growth and engage with their customers. A look at best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AI&ML implementation. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • The best time for enterprises to learn more about different AL products and solutions.

  • Transparent and accountable AI.

  • Artificial intelligence for social good: How to successfully apply AI to challenge social problems? Identifying the potential uses of AI to solve social and ethical problems? AI’s impact across health, environmental sustainability and public welfare.

  • Merging man & machine with AI solutions. Building a successful AI infrastructure strategy. Learn how to move past roadblocks and realize the operational gains of machine learning.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AI&Ml implementation. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Business match-making introductions

  • The stage is set for startup companies to present their ideas to an elite group of investors. This can be your golden ticket. Give us everything you have got in 4 minutes.


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